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A case study on improving trust and conversion rate through UX optimization

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Created at RED Academy
Community Partner: Hack Your Course Tutoring and Education Ltd.
Role: UX & UI Designer



Hack Your Course Tutoring and Education is a local private tutoring service based in North and West Vancouver.

What differentiates the tutoring service from other companies, is that Hack Your Course gives majority of the tutoring fee to the tutors, hence tutors are more motivated to provide the best support.

Role - UX & UI Designer

I conduct quantitative and qualitative user research throughout the design process to ensure functionality and usability of the product.

Design Methods & Tools

Design studio, A/B testing, user testing, user journey map, feature prioritization, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, InVision

The Challenge

Raising The Company's Profile

The Hack Your Course website is informational but overwhelming. The overuse of stock images and inconsistent icons are not reflective of the company's values. The company wanted to rebrand their website to build trust and online credibility, hence raise the overall profile of Hack Your Course.


The Solution

Focusing on Student-Tutor Match

Through in-depth user research and competitive analysis, we designed features that address parents' (our primary user) foremost concerns.

1. On-boarding Process - Project Goal & User Need

Hack Your Course is one of the few local tutoring services that has a rigorous process for student-tutor match. Hence we chose to highlight the process under "How We Work". In addition, parents are especially concerned about getting the right tutor who is capable of teaching their child. A simple on-boarding process may promptly alleviate their concern.


2. Testimonials - User Need

Since many parents rely on word of mouth for tutor recommendations, we added photos of the reviewers to increase validity. The website also gathers reviews across multiple social media platforms e.g. Twitter and Facebook to strengthen online credibility.


3. Effective Call-to-Action Buttons - Project Goal

We included "Book My First Free Session" buttons in addition to "Contact Us" buttons. While common tutoring services do not include rates on their website for various reasons, Hack Your Course kept theirs hidden as they offer two different rates: a standard and a discounted rate for less privileged families. Our clients believes that every child should have access to education, regardless of wealth. For this reason, a call-to-action to book a free session is emphasized.


Key Insights

Summary & Future Considerations

Considering the timeframe of the project, we were selective with our features. For future considerations, we'd like to include:

  • Teaching methodologies and standardized strategies utilized by tutos to furter differentiate Hack Your Course from other tutoring services
  • Online registration to improve efficiency and reduce unnecessary paperwork

Unlike other projects, the focus of this project is to redesign an existing website. In addition to re-evaluating the content, our design is mostly driven by the problems encountered by the users.

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