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Space Bear

A case study on increasing efficiency to achieve wisdom economy


Created at RED Academy
Community Partner: RED Academy
Role: Project Manager, UX/UI Designer



Space Bear is a student information
system (SIS) that enhances student's learning experience

RED Academy is a technology and design school with an agency-style environment that focuses on community projects in UI/UX Design, Web/App Development, and Digital Marketing. The three campuses are located in London, Toronto, and Vancouver.

I worked as a UX Designer in a team of four focusing on the usability of Space Bear. The project took 2.5 weeks to complete.

Design Methods & Tools

Comparative & competitive analysis, site map, A/B testing, user testing, user journey map, feature prioritization, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, InVision

The Challenge

Efficient Operatinal Practices

For the past three years, RED has operated using a variety of different systems across programs and campuses, including Trello, Slack, and GitHub etc. While this has more or less kept the school organized, there is currently no standardized platforms for attendance tracking and project submissions. Hence, our client has expressed concerns over the inefficiency of the current operational practices. Also, there is a lack of communication between programs and campuses. The student information system we created delivers the school with a solution to efficiency and better communication.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 10.35.29 PM

Illstration of current feedback and project submission across programs

The Solution

Utilize RED's Culture & Practices

Through in-depth user research, we've designed functions that improve the school's day-tod-day operational practices. This includes attendance taking and project submissions.

1. One-Click Attendance Taking

Instead of taking attendace using Google Sheets, Space Bear allows instructors to indicate whether students were on time, late, or absent with a simple click. There were a lot of unnecessary thinking involve when using Google Sheets. For example, instructors need to match faces with the names. And then indicate their attendance with the right symbol. Therefore, we included student's photo id and included visual guide to get rid of all the unnecessary thinking.


2. Attendance Tracking Indicator

Using colors for visual guidance, the attendance tracking indicator displays student's overall attendance. Number of absents or lates are represented by brown and red.


3. Project Summary

Instructors no longer have to send students their feedback through individual emails. Space Bear functions as a central hub where instructors can attach each student's feedback on their profile. In addition, students can track their learning progress, hence enhance learning experience.


User Interface Design

Although we were a team of user experience designers, we wanted to challenged oursleves by designing the user interface for the progressive web app, thereby going beyond the expected scope of the project.

We went through several rounds of iteration to better align with the brand's identity. Since there is an internal facing project, we strived to design a comprehensive brand identity to ensure that RED is represented consistenly as welcoming, warm and courageous.


Key Insights

Summary & Future Considerations

A focus of the project was to address the logistical challenges faced by instructors and students from RED. We were able to review the internal system of technology and asses user needs to truly understand what communication system RED needed.

As designers, usability is about people and how they understand and use things. Understanding our users' mental models therefore turned out to be one of the most significant learning opportunities for our team.

In the future, I hope to develop this conceptual system into a fully developed progressive web app. Stay tuned for updates on this project!

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