A case study on connecting passionate travellers to create, fund, and share adventures.


Created at RED Academy
Community Partner: ColorLAB, Moonbase Design Inc.
Role: UX & UI Designer

Created at RED Academy
Community Partner: ColorLAB, Moonbase Design Inc.
Role: UX & UI Designer


TripLit is a travelling app that helps
content creators build relationships on the go.

Whether it be followers, for business, or for fundraising campaigns, TripLit provides the platform for creators to showcase their brand profile and be more discoverable among businesses. Whereas for business, TripLit offers a new and affordable marketing platform with an extremely high level of engagement from its users. 

Role - UX & UI Designer

I conduct quantitative and qualitative user research throughout the design process to ensure functionality and usability of the product.

Design Methods & Tools

Design studio, A/B testing, user testing, user journey map, feature prioritization, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, InVision

The Challenge

Platform for Growth, Connection, and Collaboration

Content creators have been utilizing social media to gain their following. Groups are being formed, trips are being shraed, and countless adventures are being followed. While many platforms focus on bridging the relationship between creators and their followers, there is no app that provides these creators an easy access to business. TripLit is looking to use the rise of influencer marketing as a leverage to create a new entertainment platform that connects creators, followers and businesses.

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The Solution

Building Relationships On The Go

Businesses can connect with content creators directly with a button on their profile. The user research also highlighted that a summary on the profile about the creator was necessary to assits businesses in making decisions.


Key Insights

Summary & Future Considerations

For future considerations, we'd like to look into how brands and organizations would utilize TripLit for marketing, and creating social impact.

In addition to the high-fiedelity prototype, the research and brand identity had to be succinctly summarized for easy access and future use by our partnered company. Therefore I created a brand guide that includes items such as domain research, personas, and a detail description of the visual brand identity.

The client is currently initiating development of the app. Further details will be added as the app is developed.

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